All entrées include a tossed salad with two dressing selections or a Caesar Salad, vegetable, rice or potato side and rolls/butter.

Dinner – Poultry

Chicken Quarter (Bone-In)

select from Lemon Pepper, Herb Roasted or BBQ
(a wonderful item at a budget price)

$10.50 per person

King Ranch Chicken

chunks of chicken breast and creamy Southwestern Sauce layered between tortillas
served with tossed salad, Southwestern Corn, tortilla chips and house-made salsa
10 person minimum

$11.95 per person

Herb Roasted or Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast

chicken breast roasted with delicious herb seasonings

$11.95 per person

heart healthy

Chili Lime Chicken Breast

marinated chicken breast with fresh lime, chili and cilantro

$11.95 per person

heart healthy

Chicken Supreme

chicken breast served in a White Wine Creamy Sauce

$12.55 per person

Chicken Santa Fe

chicken breast served in a Poblano Pepper Cream Sauce

$12.55 per person

Hawaiian Chicken

chicken breast served with fresh pineapple

$12.55 per person

Mushroom Chicken

chicken breast in a Mushroom Sauce

$12.55 per person

Pecan, Almond or Cashew Chicken

lightly breaded chicken breast with pecans, almonds or cashews served in a creamy sauce

$13.55 per person

Chicken Florentine

chicken breast stuffed with spinach and Feta cheese

$13.95 per person

Chicken Cordon Bleu

chicken breast stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese

$13.95 per person

Chicken Roulade

seasonal stuffing rolled into tender chicken
served in a creamy sauce

$13.95 per person

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