About Us

Who We Are

  Service Ambassadors Most places that deliver food just do this. They deliver food and don’t place much thought into their staff members who deliver the food. At Royal Catering, our Service Ambassadors will do so much more than just dropping of some trays of food for you. They are catering experts and will arrive […]

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Where to Find Us

Schedule your Royal Tasting with us today! (972) 437-1466 sales@royalcateringevents.com (972) 437-1546 Royal Tastings are at our facilities located just off of Spring Valley Road a mile west of Central Expressway 901 Waterfall Way, Suite 401 Richardson, TX 75080

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What We Do

Planning a special event should be an enjoyable effort. No matter if you’re choreographing a once in a lifetime wedding reception or organizing a holiday dinner party, no detail should be left to chance. At Royal Catering, we have been planning successful events for over 20 years. Let our experts guide you through the event […]

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